FolderEncrypt 2004

FolderEncrypt is a crypting program for a whole folder at a time. It uses 3DES algorithm for crypting and MD5 checksum for verifying decrypting results.

To encrypt: Navigate first to the folder you want to encrypt. Ones the folder has been selected, the listview will show you the files of this folder. All files are selected by default but you can select/deselect files by clicking the check-mark. Type the Password of yours into the textbox. By pressing "Encrypt" button the files are encrypted using 3DES algorithm. Also a checksum file is created for later verifying purposes. Hard disk roots and Windows folder are protected against crypting.

For decrypting first type the Password of yours and click the "Decrypt" button. If your password was not correct, you get a message and nothing will happen. If password is correct the encryption happens. The checksum file is used to verify that the decrypting is OK. File date is returned into the original date.

The MD5 button shows you the checksums as a byte array. Also the checksum file is generated.

The RunApllication button opens/runs the selected file using the default program bound to the file extension.

TNB places FolderEncrypt in the public domain, and makes no claim or warranty of any kind regarding this software. If you use this package, you assume all responsibility for the results (or lack thereof.)

FolderEncrypt is at Beta phase, be carefull, encrypted data may not be recoverred.

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